We have three ways to add value to your property when we
    replace your siding or do your new home !

    1.insulate :Add r-value to your exterior,1/2" to 2" foam board to your wall
    sheathing ,dramatically increase your heating and cooling efficiency. While were at
    it, we can add an extra storm window that is super energy efficient. Many times you
    can bypass putting new windows in by adding one of my super storms, for a huge
    cost savings. Remember they work for you all year round if you use your air

    2.WATERPROOF: If your home was built before 1970-2000 chances are no
    waterproofing was done; which can lead to mold. when we reside your home ,
    special attention is paid to waterproofing and windproofing.

    3. INCREASE CURB APPEAL: We have many inexpensive ways to
    add beauty to your home, especially in porch areas.